Who I Am, Why Am I Here

wpid-20150105_172151.jpgSo mommy is taking part in Blogging U. It seems, she loves to write and wants to…wait, “squirrel!!!!!” Oops, sorry about that. Seems the squirrels in our yard inch their way towards the house everytime I look away, so I have to keep a close eye on them. Anyway, mom is trying to improve her writing skills, so she will be posting things related to topics presented in the Blogging 101 course.  Since her blog is pretty narrow in scope, the additional challenge will be to keep things relevant to dogs and birds. This could be fun. Dang it, my butt’s itchy. Hang on while I scratch… Continue reading



wpid-20141209_094601.jpgSydney, my cockatiel, thrusts his beak onto his cage bars and hangs on.  Then, he just stares at me.  Honestly, I don’t think most people would know what to make of it…but luckily I do. The next step is simply to say “beakers!” and touch his beak with a finger and give it a little rub.  Sometimes Sydney just leaves his beak in place for a moment, taking in the attention.  At other times, he pulls his head back and opens his beak, as if he is going to chomp down on any finger that dares to set this noxious game back in motion.  The funny thing is, shortly after either response, Syd once again throws his head forward and holds on to a cage bar with his beak in hopes that some kind of attention will come his way. Continue reading

Canine Benevolance

20141203_123211We played frisbee, like we always do.  I and the beautiful Great Dane girl whom I care for on a regular basis.  Her sister was off grazing in the grass nearby, but my playmate fully embraced the game with bouncy paws, a twinkle in her eye, and a readiness to shift directions at any moment in which she thought I might catch her.  I motioned toward her and she took a sharp right and ran a few feet ahead. And stopped.   Continue reading