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Budgerigar sleeping on a concrete perch

Budgerigar sleeping on a concrete perch

The word “bliss” inspired today’s photo!  I decided to share with you a photo of my bird Siri, napping on her perch. She was so “blissfully” unaware that I took my phone and layed it right near the top of her head, and she didn’t even stir.  Isn’t it amazing how birds can sleep perched like this and not fall?  There is a wonderful article which explains the fact that their legs and feet work on something akin to a pulley system.  When their legs are out and extended (as they often are before landing), their feet open.  However, when they are in a more crouched position, their feet automatically close and can “clamp” onto things.  This works very well for raptors when they extend their legs to reach for prey and then pull the catch close, so it can be held tightly.  Click here for that article, if you’re intrigued enough to learn more! (Note: there is some evidence that not every single bird species has this “pulley system” in place.  The European Starling was found to be an exception, as you can read in the article I mentioned)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule-of-Thirds


Finally, my ability to be off-center will be put to good use!  This week’s The Daily Post photo challenge was to produce a photograph in which the subject was not in the middle of the picture.  I have chosen to share with you the shot I took of my budgie Soma yesterday morning. I just loved the way he perched on his branch as the morning sun was beginning to wash over him.  As you can see in the photograph, we have received quite a bit of snow in our region of the country (Tennessee).  It occurred to me that his stoic pose also mirrored how a lot of us are feeling in the area…hunkered down and just observing, waiting for spring to come.

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Wednesday Wags 2/11/15


My bird Siri looking into her nest box.

Instagram has inspired us this week!!!  Not just because there are some very lovely pictures there, but because it is such a wonderful place for discovery and learning.  I recently set up an account for my “Parakeet Perch” YouTube channel there, so I could connect with my fans.  As a result of adding many of my YouTube subscribers, I have learned a TON about parrots that I never knew!  I have seen photos of blue male eclectus parrots (almost always seen only in primarily green),  learned how to pronounce caique (that would be kai eek), rethought my idea of target training with chopsticks because budgies may use them as perches, and learned that European starlings can make sweet pets and are legal to own in the U.S. (what?). If you enjoy Instagram, I encourage you to look up interesting subjects, engage with others and dig a little deeper.  Picture all of the knowledge you’ll find!

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