Ten from 2015 – Surrey Dog Photographer Madaboutgreys picks some personal favourites

Hauntingly handsome hounds



Continuing what has become a bit of a tradition on the Madaboutgreys Blog, here is my year end round up of ten pictures which sum up the photography year for me.  My line up this year has a bit of a geeky photography gear theme running through it, so I should probably start with:


I went to the Photography Show in March with no specific plans and came away with a silly smirk and a Nikon D4s under my arm.  It felt like an extravagance at the time, but honestly this camera has been a game-changer for action photography.  I can shoot a sequence of fast moving dogs, including the dreaded dog heading towards me shot, and about 90% are in focus.

Whippet running photograph Nikon D4S


Continuing my hymn of praise for the D4S, this was shot in autumn on an early morning that turned out much darker than I…

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