Keeping It Simple: T.A.P. a Better Canine Relationship Today

Canines By Design

Are YOU Kidding ME!?! Are YOU Kidding ME!?!

Life can get super complicated when we start to analyze all the small details.  In my University career, professors loved to bring up something called Principle of Parsimony.  In its simplest definition (no pun intended 🙂 ) the Principle of Parsimony states that when presented with two similar theories, the simplest should be preferred.  Also known as the K.I.S.S.(Keep It Simple Silly) this concept can really be applied everywhere and anywhere!  Even dog training!  Sometimes the simplest answer, solution, or concepts, are the most effective and empowering for both caregiver and canine.  Working through behavioural issues or just simply working through a new environment can be stressful enough, so having a simple platform to work from will help when the anxiety goes up! Bring on T.A.P !!!

T: Train

Take time everyday to work through the various commands that your canine already knows.  Two 10-minute…

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