Keeping It Simple: T.A.P. a Better Canine Relationship Today

Canines By Design

Are YOU Kidding ME!?! Are YOU Kidding ME!?!

Life can get super complicated when we start to analyze all the small details.¬† In my University career, professors loved to bring up something called Principle of Parsimony.¬† In its simplest definition (no pun intended ūüôā ) the Principle of Parsimony states that when presented with two similar theories, the simplest should be preferred.¬† Also known as the K.I.S.S.(Keep It Simple Silly) this concept can really be applied everywhere and anywhere!¬† Even dog training!¬† Sometimes the simplest answer, solution, or concepts, are the most effective and empowering for both caregiver and canine.¬† Working through behavioural issues or just simply working through a new environment can be stressful enough, so having a simple platform to work from will help when the anxiety goes up! Bring on T.A.P !!!

T: Train

Take time everyday to work through the various commands that your canine already knows.  Two 10-minute…

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