Wednesday Wags 3/10/15

Today’s Wednesday Wag comes to you via Facebook. As I was reading my feed recently, I came across this thought provoking quote:

“Ever wonder where you’d end up if you took your dog for a walk and never once pulled back on the leash?” -Robert Brault

Wow! Could you just imagine??? I did, and I decided that it would be in two vastly different places, depending on which dog I was walking. If Prince, my loyal and older German Shepherd, and I were out together, I might end up about 10 feet from where he started pulling. This is because Prince is intensely loyal and tends to want to stay close to me. Aside from that, he also hardly progresses past a trot anymore, as his hips are getting a bit tired of hard work. Then we have Storm. Dear, dear Border Collie with enough prey drive to chase a gazelle for miles. I am envisioning myself getting dragged up a tree, as he lays chase to one of our neighborhood squirrels. Or perhaps he would just run with me from yard to yard, burying his nose deeply in everyone’s grass and taking in smells. Oh, how he loves to take in smells. If anyone happened to be out playing soccer or frisbee, our journey would end abruptly and turn into a game of “Chase the Moving Object While Dragging the Out of Shape Handler”. Perhaps not the best way to become acquainted with the neighbors, but certainly good for some laughs. In any case, I hope you enjoy this prompt and take a few moments to think about what this might look like for you and your dog or other pet. I would love to hear your ideas in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wags 3/10/15

  1. Ray would head for his local park, stopping at every pee scent on the way, and also stopping to check out “the” cat’s whereabouts at the end of our street. We would be dragged around the perimeter of the baseball diamond, again making numerous pee scent stops and making a couple of contributions himself before dragging us across a busy road without looking! Assuming we survived the road crossing, he would go to Bark & Fitz because he used to get treats there (they’re now closed), but now he would just stand at the glass doors looking in and wondering what happened. Eventually he would move and head for Lululemon downtown where he would be really piggy and devour everything in their biscuit bowl after which he (we) would defy death once more by crossing over a main road in order to visit TD Bank. Once there, he would be totally oblivious to anybody doing business and go straight up to the nearest counter, put his large feet on the counter top and stare at the poor person trying to work. He knows that they all have treats! I really don’t think that we would ever get to leave TD Bank.

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    • What a fun journey that would be! It certainly sounds like there are a ton of great places for dogs near you. We have never had a great treat shop here, but we do boast lots of pet friendly greenspaces. I love Ray’s exhuberance (just not around traffic) … I think he and Storm would get along beautifully.

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