Shooting from Opposite Sides

wpid-20150303_111540.jpgThe photo I am sharing with you today ties into the Photography 101 theme of “street.”  The foreground contains a small portion of a trash can that had some interesting patterns on it, which caught my eye.  More interestingly, though, is the pair of statues hiding somewhat behind the can.  This collective work is called “Nora” and includes a likeness of Leonora “Nora” Witzel and her dog Nettie.  Nora was a pioneer in the area of photography in the early 1900’s.  She was one of the first women in my town to have “broken the glass ceiling,” according to the plaque by her statue, as she owned her own photography studio.  Her likeness was created along with her little dog “Nettie” because she had a love for dogs (way to go Nora), and I really enjoy the way her little pup is staring up at her as she works to capture what a appears to be the same image I was!

Signature Cropped


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