Home Is Where the Bark Is

wpid-20141203_123125-1-1.jpg.jpegI am excited to say I have joined the Photography 101 course on WordPress in order to sharpen my picture taking skills!  Hence, there will be lots more photos appearing on my blog than usual.  I hope to attach a bit of writing/explanation to each, in order to add more depth and to challenge myself to keep things in line with the spirit of my blog.  So without further hesitation, here is my first course post.  The theme is “Home”, and when I began to think about that, I realized I couldn’t imagine my home without my furry and feathered family members.  The one in the picture is Storm, my Border Collie.  He wrote one of my earlier blog posts, but refused to write this one since he claims I shot his worst side.  He’s awfully proud of his wagging tail!  Anyway, I thought I would share a few facts about the Border Collie which are common and not quite so common.  Hope you enjoy learning a bit more about one of my favorite breeds!

  • Border Collies are considered one of the smartest dog breeds.
  • Border Collies are extremely good at remembering object names.  A particular one, by the name of Chaser, has learned over 1,000 objects and is able to discern new objects among familiar ones (click here for more on that).
  • They originated “from the borders of England, Scotland and Wales” according to www.petmd.com…and their name!
  • This breed can win just about any staring contest.  They utilize a method called “giving eye” to control stock and it involves staring at the herd and often dropping their head as a predator would do when stalking.
  • Border Collies have a variety of coat types, usually classified simply as smooth (short) or rough (longer).  However, there have been recorded instances of curly coated collies!  See them here.
  • Speaking of diversity, coat colors can also vary greatly in this breed.  Black and white is often seen, but there are also blue, brindle and lilac colored collies. Find photos of all the different coat colors here!

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