3 Indoor Activities to Boost Your Relationship with Your Dog

Some wonderful ideas to continue building that relationship with your pet. See, told you it would be fun!

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Inu + Baka

It’s hard having an active dog in the winter time. What humans want to go outside in sub-zero temperatures for over thirty minutes to stretch their legs and occupy their dogs? Maybe some of you are into hiking with your pooches or going for a run in the cold, but if you’re anything like me — there’s no chance. Lately, it’s been absolutely frigid in Philadelphia, and every time I’ve gone outside, my eyes have immediately teared up. And God forbid I’m smiling when the wind blows in my face; my sensitive teeth even start to hurt!

The winter is by no means the most fun season to own a dog. If your pup isn’t accustomed to being indoors for long periods of time and/or hates to take naps (ahem, I’m looking at you, Keeb), every day life can be a little more difficult than usual. Cue: sad puppy eyes…

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