Wednesday Wags 2/18/15

“Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best”

-Most often attributed to Henry Van Dyke, although per there was an unattributed version in The Ladies Repository: A Monthly Periodical, Devoted to Literature, Arts, and Religion, Sept. 1874

I found this quote so inspirational, mainly because I am trying to currently loosen the grip that extreme perfectionism has on me.  Up until recently, it would be hard for me to take if anything I produced was flawed in any way.  Time would get away from me as I hammered out every dent and ding in search of a perfectly smooth surface.  Or, even worse, time would simply not be available for such laboring, and I would launch a mental personal assault about how I should have, could have done better. Luckily, due to some recent coaxing of loved ones, I have loosened my grip a bit and have put forth efforts which are not necessarily the best efforts within their realm, but they are my best efforts. Yet, I have still managed to teach, inspire and make a positive impact!  Well now, I guess I will just keep singing the best song that I can sing.  And I hope you do too!

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9 thoughts on “Wednesday Wags 2/18/15

  1. Sophia – I too have come across this brilliant quote and it just makes complete sense. It would be foolish of us to not try something just because someone is already doing it perfectly!

    I love its sentiments because it gives us free reign to just try to do something that calls to us.

    Wishing you continued fun and pleasure in your painting.


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    • Thank you Alison! Painting has been wonderful (and will continue to be). Part of the reason is that the medium of watercolor has allowed me to let go of such a need for perfect application. I love the way the colors blend and run and just “do their thing” and it’s ok….even beautiful when that happens. So much more fun and inspiring than “coloring inside the lines” all the time. It was almost fascinating (I think I cocked my head) watching you just simply drop the color in without an iron grip on the brush and a shaky hand that was struggling to exactly mirror detail. Such freedom….wonderful!

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