Painting Dogs in Watercolour – Great Dane Tutorial

This is the first post in our new weekly feature “Wednesday Wags!” Each week on (you guessed it) Wednesday, we will share something that really made us wag our tails around here. My hope is that it will make your tail wag or heart smile as well! The post below is from a wonderful site called Not only does a very talented artist reside there, she periodically shares how she creates her work. What a neat feature! Dogs and birds are represented, as well as many other beautiful things. Go see, go see!!!

Alison Fennell Art

Original Watercolour Great Dane - 9x11 inches Original Watercolour Great Dane – 9×11 inches

Just recently I was asked to paint a Great Dane. I love dogs but find capturing a likeness in watercolour very hard.

Anyway I did the drawing and set about painting this gorgeous dog.

I used several washes , allowing each one to dry before I added the next in order to build the form of the face.

This Great Dane has lovely interesting black spots and patches but I only added them as soft blurs in the early stages and made harder edges at the end. That way I developed a depth to the painting.

Painting dogs makes you really study the shadows and markings and I used complementary colours on the colour wheel in order to create shadows that would turn the 2D images into a 3D watercolour.

If you’d like to try this watercolour dog tutorial then please do.


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