Who I Am, Why Am I Here

wpid-20150105_172151.jpgSo mommy is taking part in Blogging U. It seems, she loves to write and wants to…wait, “squirrel!!!!!” Oops, sorry about that. Seems the squirrels in our yard inch their way towards the house everytime I look away, so I have to keep a close eye on them. Anyway, mom is trying to improve her writing skills, so she will be posting things related to topics presented in the Blogging 101 course.  Since her blog is pretty narrow in scope, the additional challenge will be to keep things relevant to dogs and birds. This could be fun. Dang it, my butt’s itchy. Hang on while I scratch…
Ahhh, there we go. So much better! Now where was I. Yes, yes, so let me explain the topic at hand. It’s “who I am and why I’m here.” Sounds a little Freudian to me, and I prefer Pavlov when it comes to scientists, but we’ll go with it. Mom was nice enough to let me tackle this topic. Is that cheating? Gawd, I hope the course moderators don’t give me a slap on the paw for this. Anyway, I am Storm. Border Collie. Champion ball catcher, toilet paper roll eater, tail chaser and, of course, squirrel detector. Unfortunately, I am not able to tell mommy where I came from. She found me at the shelter, and after a few minutes of spending time with me, she fell in love. Hey, if it’s not too much trouble, do you think you could throw my ball for me a few times before we continue? No? That’s ok, I understand we are all busy these days. I’ll check with you again in a minute. So yes, I came from the land of broken dreams and dwindling hope, but life has gotten so much better now! Mom trains me and even put me in agility classes. I overheard her say something about perhaps letting me herd sheep too!!! I guess the cockatiel will be glad that I have something to herd besides him. Ready to throw that ball yet? Nope? Ok.
wpid-20150105_164335.jpgOnto why I am here. What is my purpose? Well, quite frankly, I am around to make sure any ball that is thrown in the house is quickly rounded up, brought to you, and shoved in your lap with such a repeated vengeance that you can’t help but to throw it again, just so you can get rid of it. Trust me, no one in the room likes the guy with the Border Collie in his crotch, so it’s best to give in. Aside from that, I’m here to crash into blinds when those pesky squirrels are sneaking around on the other side of the window pane. I keep Sydney, the cockatiel, close to mom’s feet when he’s running around the room. I keep my canine buddy, Prince, surrounded by youthful exhuberance which, I’m pretty sure, has refueled his youthful exhuberance. Finally, I am here to hop in mom’s lap while she is working in the office so that she isn’t in dangwpid-20150105_164207-1.jpger of becoming a workaholic! Somehow, my fuzzy body draped over her lap makes it tough to roll around in a chair and to reach her computer keyboard properly. I consider it a gift. Now, if you would ask mom, she would simply say, “he’s here to make my heart smile every day.” She’s so sappy. I do admit it has a…”squirrel!!!.” No, not a squirrel, sorry again. Was going to say a nice ring to it. Guess I will go find mom and get in her lap, since it’s about time I make her smile again. How are you feeling about that ball, by the way? No? Ok.


7 thoughts on “Who I Am, Why Am I Here

  1. Reading this I nearly want to get a dog. I never had one but during my 30+ years as a health visitor advising on babycare I have met hundreds of different, mostly nice family dogs.


    • Well I am glad to hear you are so inspired! Dogs can be wonderful to have around, and with so many breeds to choose from, perhaps you can find one that would be a great fit for you. They certainly have a wonderful perspective on things and have taught me so much.

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    • Well hello MAGIC! Mom told me about you, and hey, we do look alike!!! BIG ears and all (you’d think with those ears I would have heard THAT one coming, geez). Mom was hoping I would keep the cute ears I had when I was a pup…back then, one stood straight up and one flopped. Thanks to being on constant squirrel watch these days, now I need my ears to stand at attention all the time! Hope you enjoyed that walk … WIMP!


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    • LOL, so you have a “lunchbox car,” as we call them around here, too?! Mom drives a Kia Soul. Totally fun to stick my head out of the window of that one! True, we collies don’t back down. I prefer to bite my bullies in the rear end…try it, you’ll like it!


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