development stacks, just like building blocks

What an innovative way to present canine developmental stages!

Nancy Tanner

Development is evolution, growth, expansion, and progress. It is also, according the dictionaries which I found totally unhelpful, the action or process of developing.

The Stages of Canine Development (Scott & Fuller) is a super useful tool for anyone who works with dogs professionally, or any owner who really wants to learn more and have a deeper understanding of their dog. Reading through the various stages, it’s interesting enough, but it doesn’t really clarify the importance, the vital importance of each stage, in order to have a dog that is functional. By functional I am referring to a dog that is socially, emotionally, physically, and most likely spiritually sound. A dog that is comfortable in their own skin, is able to handle life gracefully and fully, and is behaviorally and physically balanced.

If a dog is raised, from conception, with optimal care, thoughtfulness, and consideration, the stack would look something like…

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