The Dog Says He’s Sorry–A Letter of Apology

Hold Up - I Have Something To Say

Earlier this week, I had to take the two brother German Shepherds–Otto and Gunther–to the vet to be neutered. They are over eleven months old and we wanted to take care of it before Christmas. Gunther weighed in at 95 pounds. Otto weighed in at a hefty 105 pounds.

The events of this day garnered me a letter of apology from Otto:

Dear Mommy:

First of all, I love you. Can I have a cookie? Okay, okay. Just joking. I know how you don’t want me to eat a lot of cookies because I’m big-boned. I just thought I’d start this apology letter out with some levity so you wouldn’t stay mad at me.

When you asked me to get into the car, I knew we were either going to dog training or to that guy who keeps putting sharpotto objects in my legs. I didn’t want to go, so…

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